Some photographs from CPT '01

Thanks to Neil Russell for these pictures, taken during the meeting and at the reception on Thursday August 16.

Yoichiro Nambu

Blayne Heckel and Eric Adelberger
In background, Mario Deile

Roman Jackiw and Lai-Him Chan
In background on left, Matt Visser

Robert Bluhm, Alan Kostelecky,
Michael Romalis, and Kurt Gibble

Lute Maleki and Charles Lane

Alan Kostelecky and Sandip Pakvasa

Ron Walsworth and Kurt Gibble

Austin Pickering and Lorenz Willmann

Charles Lane, Ron Walsworth,
Alan Kostelecky, Michael Romalis,
Eric Adelberger, and Don Colladay

Don Colladay and Ted Jacobson

Micheal Berger and Robertus Potting

Michael Romalis and Alan Kostelecky

Yoshihide Sakai and Yoichiro Nambu

Rob Gardner and Marco Zito

Alan Kostelecky and
Giovanni Amelino-Camelia

Matt Mewes and Ralf Lehnert

Gerald Gabrielse