Some photographs from CPT'04

Thanks to Brett Altschul and Neil Russell for these photographs taken during the meeting.

Alan Kostelecky, Mike Romalis, and Ron Walsworth
Michael Tobar, Claus Laemmerzahl, and Holger Muller
Yoichiro Nambu
Blayne Heckel, Ron Drever, Mac Keiser,
Bob Reasenberg, and Alan Kostelecky
Alejandro Jenkins, Eric Adelberger, Ben Varcoe,
Mike Tobar, and Ismail Turan
Brian Rebel
Paul Vetter and Phil Kerr
Background: Will Tribou
Alban Kellerbauer and Daniel Sudarsky
Alban Kellerbauer, Mike Romalis, and Tom Kornack
Claus Laemmerzahl and Ron Drever
Background: Phil Kerr, Eric Adelberger,
Roland Allen, Mike Romalis
Fernando Martinez-Vidal, Daniel Sudarsky,
and Carlos Pena-Garay
Robert Bluhm and Don Colladay
Micheal Berger
Ismail Turan, Claus Laemmerzahl,
Steve King, and Quentin Bailey (in foreground)
Brian Odom, Mac Keiser, and Joel Nissen
Alan Kostelecky and Achim Peters
Chuck Lane and Ralf Lehnert
Blayne Heckel
Quentin Bailey and Holger Muller
Kurt Gibble, Gerald Gwinner, and Alan Kostelecky
Rob Potting, Don Colladay, and Ralf Lehnert
Ryugo Hayano and Alan Kostelecky;
Alban Kellerbauer at back
Bob Reasenberg and Rex Tayloe
Pat McDonald, Don Colladay,
Neil Russell, and Matt Mewes
Brett Altschul
Matt Mewes and Alejandro Jenkins
Achim Peters and Ben Varcoe
Jay Tasson and Ali Picking
Alan Kostelecky, Holger Muller,
and Claus Laemmerzahl