Some photographs from CPT'07

Thanks to Jorge Diaz and Neil Russell for these photographs taken during the meeting.

Alan Kostelecky and Roman Jackiw
Michael Romalis, Ron Walsworth, and Giorgios Vasilakis
Background: Quentin Bailey (standing), and
William Terrano, David Stoker (seated)
Stefan Wagner, Tim Sumner, and Brett Altschul
Background: Teppei Katori, John Kelley
Don Colladay and Micheal Berger
Michael Tobar and Matthew Mewes
Achim Peters and Sylvia Smullin
Bertalan Juhasz and Ryugo Hayano
Roman Jackiw
Blayne Heckel and Ron Walsworth
Giorgios Vasilakis, Mike Romalis,
Alex Glenday, and David Phillips
Claus Laemmerzahl, Holger Mueller, Lee Roberts,
Achim Peters, and Ryugo Hayano
Jorge Diaz, Emilio Cobanera,
and Antonio Di Domenico
Tim Sumner and Alan Kostelecky
Background: Blayne Heckel, Robert Bluhm, John Kelley
Blayne Heckel and Robert Bluhm
Ted Jacobson and Rob Potting
Jay Tasson and Bob Reasenberg
Joseph Cotter and Michael Hohensee

L to R: Jason Henline, Matt Mewes, Quentin Bailey, Alan  Kostelecky,
Neil Russell, Michael Tobar, Hans-Otto Meyer

Michael Nieto, Bertalan Juhasz, and Niels Madsen
Background: William Terrano
Alan Kostelecky and Lee Roberts
Tom Murphy, James Battat, and Quentin Bailey

Damiano Anselmi, Michael Nieto, and Chi Xiong

Josh Long, Michael Nieto, Sean Lewis, and William Jensen
Background: Robert Bluhm, Nolan Gagne
David Stoker and Alan Kostelecky
James Overduin and Quentin Bailey
Michael Tobar and Gerald Gwinner
Teppei Katori and John Kelley
Alan Kostelecky and Kerry Whisnant
Charles Lane, Don Colladay,
Patrick McDonald, and Neil Russell
Claus Laemmerzahl, Quentin Bailey, and Ralf Lehnert
Mirrored: Michael Tobar, Achim Peters
Nolan Gagne and William Terrano
Background: Kathy Hirons, Jon Urheim, Brian Rebel
Michael  Longo and Frederick Kuehn
Rex Tayloe, Achim Peters, and Michael Tobar

Antonio Di Domenico and Ralf Lehnert

David  Phillips and Josh Long
Background: Sean Lewis

Michael Hohensee and Michael Romalis

Michael Nieto and Alan Kostelecky