Some pictures from CPT'19

Photo credits: Yunhua Ding, Neil Russell, and Alan Kostelecky

Manoel Ferreira, Mike Snow, Celio Moura,
and Marco Schreck
Matt Mewes and Ralf Lehnert
Ben Edwards and Runzhong Zhao
Alan Kostelecky and Marianna Safronova
Cheng-Gang Shao and Yujie Tan.
Behind: Aurelien Carle
Marco Schreck and Carlos Reyes
David Baxter
Jay Tasson, Brett Altschul, Angela Di Virgilio,
and Hartmut Abele
Ralf Lehnert, Nicolas Chanon,
Aurelien Carle, and Ben Edwards.
Behind: Yuri Bonder and Marco Schreck
Charles Lane and Albin Nilsson
Dennis Schlippert and Fabian Kislat.
Behind: Kathy Hirons
Aakash Ravi and Alan Kostelecky
Christian Ospelkaus, Dennis Schlippert,
and Holger Mueller
Yung-Ruey Yen, Tianlu Yuan,
Kareem Farrag, and Carlos Arguelles
Matt Mewes, Humberto Martinez-Huerta,
and Jim Linnemann
Quentin Bailey and Lijing Shao
Anuradha Samajdar, Yuri Bonder,
Humberto Martinez-Huerta, and Teppei Katori
Enrico Lunghi, Alexandre Vieira,
and Nathan Sherrill
Jack Devlin, Timothy Friesen, and Pedro Ochoa.
Behind: Kellie O'Neal-Ault
Nicolas Chanon, Aurelien Carle,
and Christophe Le Poncin-Lafitte
Agnes Roberts and Anuradha Samajdar
Amit Nanda, Martin Simon, and Dennis Krause
Kevin Labe and Alan Kostelecky
Antonio Di Domenico, Michael Heiss,
and Eryk Czerwinski
Josh Long, Cheng-Gang Shao, and Mike Tobar
Kellie O'Neal-Ault.
Behind: Ralf Lehnert
Teppei Katori and the CPT
(Colorful Pink Trombone)
Fabian Kislat and Andrew Friedman
Don Colladay and Robert Bluhm
Alan Kostelecky and Eryk Czerwinski
Lijing Shao and Xiaoyu Lu
Mike Snow and Gerald Gabrielse
Sheakha Aldaihan and Alysson Ferrari
Zonghao Li and Mike Snow
Alan Kostelecky and Breese Quinn
Inbum Lee and Rex Tayloe.
Behind: Anuradha Samajdar
Albin Nilsson and Carlos Arguelles
Arnaldo Vargas and Navin McGinnis
Marco Giammarchi and Sebastian Gerber
Hartmut Abele, Chen-Yu Liu, and Zhi Xiao
Jay Tasson, Geoffrey Mo, and Max Trostel
Neil Russell and Luis Urrutia
Marco Giammarchi and Pedro Ochoa