Some photographs from CPT '98

These photographs were taken by Neil Russell at the reception in the Faculty Club on Saturday night, November 7. The web page was prepared by Michael Roberts and Neil Russell.

Alan Kostelecky and Robert Bluhm
Gerald Gabrielse and Richard Mittleman
David Wineland and Larry Hunter
Top: Joo Chul Yoon, Chuck Lane,
Mike Berger (facing away),
and Ralf Lehnert
Bottom: Kyungsik Kang, Zheng-Tian Lu,
and Richard Stoner
Gerald Gabrielse and Alan Kostelecky
Don Colladay, Roberto Floreanini,
and Agnes Roberts
Rob Potting, Alan Kostelecky,
and Bruce Winstein
Robert Brandenberger, Songhoon Yang,
and Joo Chul Yoon
Bruce Winstein and Robert Brandenberger
Alan Kostelecky and Roman Jackiw
Ralph Conti, Gerald Cleaver, and John Prestage
Chuck Lane, Gerald Gabrielse,
and Richard Mittleman
Mark Mandelkern and Bruce Winstein
Robert Brandenberger, Alan Kostelecky,
Gerald Gabrielse, and Don Colladay