Matthew Mewes
Swarthmore College

Alan Kostelecky
Indiana University

IUCSS-Swarthmore Workshop on

Testing Lorentz Invariance with Photons

October 13-14, 2012

Swarthmore College

A joint IUCSS-Swarthmore Workshop on Testing Lorentz Invariance with Photons will be held in the Physics and Astronomy Department, at Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. on October 13-14, 2012.

The Workshop focus will be on the search for Lorentz violation in the photon sector in the context of realistic field-theoretic models and the SME. Experimentalists and theorists will review existing and forthcoming studies of Lorentz and CPT invariance using photons and will discuss prospects and strategies for future searches. The Workshop format is expected to be short talks with time for discussion. A poster session may be organized given sufficient demand.

Topics in Lorentz violation that may be discussed include:

  • tests with accelerator, astrophysical, cavity, and laser photons
  • searches for anisotropic, dispersive, and birefringent photon behavior
  • photon time-of-flight and sidereal-variation measurements
  • searches for effects from minimal and nonminimal operators
  • Michelson-Morley, Kennedy-Thorndike, and Ives-Stilwell tests
  • realistic field theory for photons with Lorentz and CPT violation
  • Lorentz-violating photon phenomenology
  • Lorentz-violating models of photons

There is no registration fee for this Workshop, but online registration on or before September 30 is required. Due to space limitations the total attendance is likely to be capped, so early registration is advised to avoid disappointment.

The Workshop hotel is the Days Inn Springfield PA. This is located off campus within a short drive of the workshop venue. A block of rooms is reserved until September 19 under the code LVGamma. Reservations can be made at (610) 544-4700. Partial support for local housing may be available upon request.