Ralf Lehnert

Mike Snow
Indiana University

Second IUCSS Summer School on the

Lorentz- and CPT-violating Standard-Model Extension

June 12-18, 2015

Indiana University, Bloomington

The Second IUCSS Summer School on the Standard-Model Extension (SME) will be held in the Physics Department at Indiana University, Bloomington from Friday June 12 to Thursday June 18, 2015. The School is aimed primarily at students and researchers in theory and experiment who seek a pedagogical introduction to the SME framework.

The School format will include lectures and discussion periods. The lectures will cover theoretical, phenomenological, and experimental topics in Lorentz and CPT violation, beginning at the introductory level and advancing to the cutting edge of this active field. The discussion periods will provide opportunities to consolidate and explore in greater depth the lecture material. The School will also include a poster session for participants to showcase their own work.

Topics to be covered in the School lectures include:

  • Theoretical foundations
    • mechanisms for spacetime-symmetry breaking
    • spontaneous and explicit Lorentz and diffeomorphism breaking
    • Nambu-Goldstone, massive, gauge, auxiliary modes
    • SME construction in Minkowski, Riemann, and Riemann-Cartan spacetimes
    • field redefinitions, coordinate choices, concordant frames
    • causality and stability, radiative corrections, renormalization
    • nonrenormalizable operators
    • Finsler geometry
  • Phenomenological techniques
    • model building, countershading and suppression, limiting cases
    • exact dispersion relations, cross sections and decay rates
    • birefringence, dispersion, and propagation anisotropy
    • sidereal and annual time variations, compass asymmetries, CPT signals
    • spherical decompositions
    • methods for gravitational phenomenology
    • data analysis for Lorentz and CPT violation
  • Observation and experiment
    • photons: accelerator, astrophysical, cavity, and laser tests
    • clock-comparison tests on the Earth and in space
    • particle-antiparticle comparisons, antihydrogen/exotics spectroscopy
    • meson and matter interferometry
    • other matter tests: astrophysics, colliders, spin-polarized media, decays
    • searches with second- and third-generation, gauge, and Higgs particles
    • neutrinos: oscillation, time-of-flight, and phase-space effects
    • gravity: laboratory and space-based tests, equivalence-principle violations

There is no registration fee for this School, but online registration on or before April 30, 2015 is required. Due to space limitations the total attendance is likely to be capped, so early registration is advised to avoid disappointment.

Partial support for local housing may be available upon request. Students desiring support should ask a senior scientist to send an email to the School organizer, Ralf Lehnert, describing the need for support. Preference may be given to requests made before March 1, 2015.

The School will be followed by the IUCSS Workshop on Signals for Nonminimal Lorentz and CPT Violation, to be held June 19-20, 2015 at the same venue. School participants may wish to plan travel arrangements to permit attendance at the Workshop as well. Note that these two events require separate registrations.

The School and Workshop hotel is the Indiana Memorial Union. This is located on campus close to the Physics Department and offers convenient access to the meeting venue. Parking in the hotel lot is free to hotel guests.