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Our basic premise is that minuscule apparent violations of Lorentz and CPT invariance might be observable in nature. The idea is that the violations would arise as suppressed effects from a more fundamental theory.

Our publications show that arbitrary Lorentz and CPT violations are quantitatively described by a theory called the Standard-Model Extension (SME), which is a modification of Einstein's theory of gravity, General Relativity, and the Standard Model of particle physics.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Lorentz and CPT symmetry?

What is the CPT theorem?

What are we doing and why?

What is the Standard Model and what is the Standard-Model Extension?

How does CPT violation differ from violations of C, P, T, CP?

What could cause Lorentz and CPT violation?

What are the properties of the Standard-Model Extension?

Which experiments can test these ideas and which provide the best tests?

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